PV Derby 2014

I raced the PV Derby at Peaceful Valley scout ranch. It is a fun course with a little of everything put mostly two-track. Kelly Niquette started hard up the hill and I wasn’t feeling very comfortable. I was surprised and kinda bummed to see a line or more like a group of rider right there with us […]

de Bruijn sequence: Part 1

I was thinking about genetic sequences and the problem of assembly. I have followed Titus Brown‘s use of Bloom Filters. To learn more about Bloom Filters and their application to genetic sequence assembly check out Handling ridiculous amounts of data with probabilistic data structures by Titus Brown. The problem is both the amount of data […]


This: “The official said Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel decided to put off the long-planned Minuteman 3 test until sometime next month because of concerns the launch could be misinterpreted and exacerbate the Korean crisis” Does not seem consistent with: “ongoing U.S.-South Korean military exercises, which have included a broad show of force ranging from stealthy […]

Helmet Camera

I have been playing with a new helmet camera. At it’s best it will record 1080p at 30fps there are many other recording options. Below are a few videos, I haven’t edited them much or at all except for clipping them. One problem with HD is editing is really slow.   I tried to do […]