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Korean concert – Gangnam style

October 19th, 2012 No comments

I have been to 1 concert in my life. It was at a concert venue jest west of Kansas City. I don’t remember when it was, maybe between my sophomore and junior years of high school. I also don’t remember the who the bad was. Obviously it did not leave much of an impression and as time has past my interest in listening to music much less going to a concert has decreased to near zero.

Gangnam style, I find this interesting for many reason. The music seems to barrow and mix a lot from other songs. The video is funny. Planet Money had a podcast episode on  talking about the Korean music industry and this song. Reading about the  Gangnam district is interesting.

So I was watching the music video for Gangnam Style and the went to the official YouTube channel to listen to other music by PSY and came across the live concert recording video of Gangnam Style in Seoul Korea (below). I would like to see that. Not really for the music or performance but more that it looks so completely different from what I think of as a concert.


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Big lego’s

July 10th, 2012 1 comment

Pascal and I have been building legos together. This is impressive.

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Leadville 100

August 15th, 2010 No comments

Lisa got an email about a month ago from the Leadville 100 organizers (medical) seeking doctors who where interested in volunteering at the medical aid stations. Lisa ask if I was interested in riding the Leadville 100. It’s been on my to do some day list, I guess it will be 2011. Lisa had to be at the start for a 6:15am meeting but the finish line medical (where she is) opens at 1:00pm.

We had a good time in Leadville this morning. There is a 12mile bike bath around the town and we have been wanting to ride it since it was built. But it is hard for me to justify an hour dive to ride 12 miles. Today was the day. I pulled Pascal in the trailer and Lisa road here new bike. It is a really great ride, I wish it was 100 miles. It is really amazing how much mining has been done in Leadville. There are mines and equipment everywhere. If you have ot read any of the history it is really amazing. I think around 1900 there where more Millionaires in Leadville than any other city in the USA.  We (Pascal and I) hung out until Levi, Jeramey and Todd finished and then left. Levi set a new course record of ~6:16 with is about 16mph. I think you get the buckle it you can finish in under 9hr, 11mph that seems very doable. I think you are considered a finisher if you finish in under 12hr  8.3mph. The Leadville 100 running race in next weekend they start at 4:00am and you must finish before 10:am the next morning. They are really wanting Lisa to help out for that. I guess after about midnight medical gets really busy. Looks like the running course record in 15 hours and 42 (about 9.3 min miles)

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